Our bobbin winding department is equipped with modern, pneumatically controlled bobbin winders.
First there are made smaller skinners (lace bobbins) from (dye)cones.
We use a wide range of high quality coloured yarns, such as
mercerized cotton or linen for this production step.


Now the bobbin lace is put on the machine by an "Schmucktextilienhersteller" according to fixed technical details of the specific pattern.
This requires a wide knowledge of machines, yarns and patterns. This can last 4 - 5 hours depending on its difficulty.
After the pattern has been completely prepared and all other parameters are correctly set, the production can finally start.
A continuous quality inspection at the machine enables a nearly flawless production.


Before the fabric will be shipped it has to undergo additional check points. According to customer requirements the bobbin lace will be either coiled or spooled.
Finally the national or international delivery to our customers can be effected, and perhaps the bobbin lace will embellish your home in the near future.


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