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In 1919 the merchant Wilhelm Rehage from Barmen founded our company. Still today we produce - according to old tradition, but on the most modern machines - bobbin laces.
Our company has been family-owned for three generations and combines quality and design down to the last detail with progress and innovation.

Each and every one of our employees contributes as a team to meet the high quality standards with their knowledge, skills and commitment.

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As it is common to most other industries, the increasing demand accompanied by the need of cost reduction has called for the mechanization of the originally manual production process of bobbin lace.
The braiding machine served as basis for the development of mechanical production equipment.

The basic concept of the Jacquard-controlled bobbin lace machine which was introduced approximately at the turn of the 20th century has proven its validity. However, many improvements of major and minor nature were made over the years.

At that time the manufacturers of machines as well as a lot of bobbin lace producers were domiciled at Wuppertal-Barmen in close proximity. Shared interests and close communication between these parties have greatly contributed to the further technological development.

Today the mechanical production of bobbin lace with electronically-controlled machines has reached a peak level of sophistication.

Even though bobbin laces are today mechanically produced at rather large scale, they still represent detailed replica of the ornate hand made bobbin laces, which explains their high market value.

The specific characteristics and the wide range of pattern ensure good marketability of the bobbin lace in numerous application fields.

The production process

The production of bobbin lace does not only require

- qualified staff
- state-of-the-art bobbin lace production equipment
- high quality materials

but also the necessary dedication to this product.

Our bobbin winding department is equipped with modern, pneumatically controlled bobbin winders.
First there are made smaller skinners (lace bobbins) from (dye)cones.
We use a wide range of high quality coloured yarns, such as
mercerized cotton or linen for this production step.

Now the bobbin lace is put on the machine by an "Schmucktextilienhersteller" according to fixed technical details of the specific pattern.
This requires a wide knowledge of machines, yarns and patterns. This can last 4 - 5 hours depending on its difficulty.
After the pattern has been completely prepared and all other parameters are correctly set, the production can finally start.
A continuous quality inspection at the machine enables a nearly flawless production.

Before the fabric will be shipped it has to undergo additional check points. According to customer requirements the bobbin lace will be either coiled or spooled.
Finally the national or international delivery to our customers can be effected, and perhaps the bobbin lace will embellish your home in the near future.

New designs are continuously created meeting the latest fashion.

Each pattern is accurately defined in accordance to customer ideas or our own imagination under consideration of our quality requirements.

Therefore we only use ultra-modern computer programs that substitute the formerly used design on paper.
In combination with the computer controlled bobbin lace machines the draft can be directly down-loaded into the machine.

This does not only save time, but increases the flexibility of pattern development and production, too.
In addition, our pattern department can furthermore refer to our archive that was built over the 100 years of the company history.

You are more than welcome to visit our showroom. By the same token, we would be happy to visit you and show you our collection: we have an extensive network of agents throughout Europe and beyond. Please contact us to make an appointment.

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